Photos, photos, photos.  I have been swept by the magic of image-making since the 90s in Melbourne, Australia. My first device was a 35mm film camera, a Nikon FM2.  I began by tinkering in darkrooms, keen for experimental approaches to black and white and polaroid images. My visual and theoretical skills were honed through studying Media (Film and TV), Photography and Fine Arts. Now, using digital photography, I continue to look to light, geometry, happenings and materials to guide my work. 

I am based in London with over fourteen years of experience as a dynamic photographer, retoucher and visual artist. I specialise in photographic production for the arts, academia and marketing sectors. My expertise lies in photographing people, objects and liveness (events and documentation), where I thrive on social interaction, visual storytelling and client identity for communicative and creative outcomes.

A selection of my clients are: L'Observatoire International, RMIT University, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Australian Centre for Moving Image, Ondru Arts, Victoria Regional Arts, Etsy, Insite Arts, Media Mix, Katherine Wills Interiors, Garments for the Grave, Twofold Jewellery, Claire Best Shoes and amongst many businesses, individuals, and artists. 

My photographs and moving images have been selected and exhibited for the prestigious awards such as William and Winifred Bowness Photography Prize (2015, 2018), the Nillumbik Art Prize 2016, 2018) and the Macquarie Digital Portrait Award (2015) at the National Portrait Gallery (AU).  In 2022, I was honoured to be commissioned for new work by the International Festival of Photography PHOTO 2022 in Melbourne.



I am based in East London and am available for national and international shoots. 

What drives me is the opportunity to connect with people and bring their visions to life. I love to share ideas working collaboratively and I would love to hear about your project and image desires. 

Let's chat, begin a brainstorm and make it happen.